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Montag, 20. Februar 2012

Librivox: Pink Fairy Book, The by Lang, Andrew

All people in the world tell nursery tales to their children, and the stories are apt to be like each other everywhere. A child who has read the Blue and Red and Yellow Fairy Books will find some old friends with new faces in the Pink Fairy Book. Courage, youth, beauty, kindness, have many trials, but they always win the battle; while witches, giants, unfriendly cruel people, are on the losing hand. So it ought to be, and so, on the whole, it is and will be; and that is all the moral of fairy tales. We cannot all be young, alas! and pretty, and strong; but nothing prevents us from being kind, and no kind man, woman, or beast or bird, ever comes to anything but good in these oldest fables of the world. (Summary of the Author's Preface by Elliott Miller)

Dieses Hörbuch zu einem Werk von Andrew Lang gehört zum Bereich Hörspiele. Du kannst diese Librivox Produktion hier online hören. Die MP3s zu Pink Fairy Book, The kannst du kostenlos herunterladen. Der Download des Hörbuches geht am Einfachsten, wenn du den Podcast mit einem Podcatcher abonnierst.

Die aktuelle Ausgabe „00 - Preface“ von Pink Fairy Book, The von Andrew Lang (Librivox) ist am 15.10.2010 erschienen. Lassen Sie sich kostenlos über neue Folgen dieses Podcast informieren.

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